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The Critterprint Card Builder

The best way to get the most out of Critterprint is to split the card builder into three areas. The first is the Admin area, containing the buttons on the left hand side. The second is the right hand side Import area and the Properties panel, which runs along the bottom of the screen.

Critterprint Builder Builder


The Admin area

From the admin area you are able to control the current card project from the four buttons listed.

New ProjectNew Project This allows you to start afresh, clearing any project currently on the card builder and leaving a blank canvas to build on. Be sure to save any project before starting a new project.

New ProjectOpen Project If you have a saved project, called a cpd. file, you can import that project to the canvas using this button. Again, be sure to save your current project as using this will replace any design on the canvas.

New Project Open Template This allows you to browse through our many card templates and import them onto the canvas for editing. As with New Project and Open Project, opening a template will replace any design currently on the canvas.

New ProjectSave Project As with any other sofware it is important to save regularly. This button will save your current design as a cpd. file, Critterprint's native file type. You can then resume your work at a later time using the Open Project button.


The Import area

The Import area allows you to add text boxes, images and symbols onto your current design. These elements overlay the design and are re-positionable and re-sizable. In addition, more options for each type appear on the properties panel for you to edit.

New ProjectAdd Text This allows you import a text box onto the canvas. To edit the text, double click on it. To resize the text box, click and drag on one of its square corners. To rotate the text box, click and drag on the circle corner.

New ProjectAdd Image This allows you to nagivate your computer and import an image file to place onto the canas. To resize an imported image, click and drag on one of the corners. To rotate, hover just outside any corner and drag around.

New Project Add Symbol This is similar to the open template button. Click on this and a library of folders will open for you to choose a symbol to place onto your design. A symbol is one-colour clipart which can be edited from the Properties panel.


The Properties Panel

The properties panel is made up of two sections. On the left is the Background Properties box, which allows you to change the background colour of the canvas. In addition, you can also browse through our library of pre-set background images by clicking Show Background image and then choosing Add/Change Background. This can be used on any template or project.

The right hand side of the Properties panel presents more options depending on what type of object is selected at that moment. In the case of a text box, Font size, Font type and many more options become available - very similar to a word processor application. This is the same for any other type of object selected.

Tip: When an object, image or text box is selected, the Object Position/Size column will appear, allowing you to accurately align objects to your desired positions using X/Y coordinates.


Other Options

Front/Back: This is above the main canvas and allows you to view either the front face and reverse of your card. When you save a project to a cpd. file, all information on both sides is saved.

New Project Preview This simply gives you a preview of the current design, without any invisible elements such as text box borders or bleed areas.

New Project Buy Cards The final stage. It is a good idea to check and save your project before clicking this. This button allows you to choose your printing options.