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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of stock are my cards printed on?

We print on 300sgm coated card, which leaves a slight sheen on the image. This is printed edge-to-edge and cut to 85mm x 55mm - which is the size of a UK wallet slot.

Can I collect my cards from your offices?
Regrettably, we do not offer a collection option as our cards are printed on another premises. This is to ensure our orders are done in the correct order.

Why am I charged more for express cards?
The extra time afforded to us on Standard Cards allows us to batch multiple jobs together on the same sheet. This is cheaper to produce and we pass this saving directly onto our customers. An Express Card project requires its own immediate print run and so does not benefit from this cost-reducing method.

How long do standard cards take?

Standard cards are the cheaper option, however they do take a little longer so this option is not suitable for urgent projects. Artwork will be processed, printed and dispatched within 2 business days of order. A confirmation email of dispatch will be sent to you when your cards are posted.

How long do express cards take?

These are pricier, but as soon as the order comes through to us we will print them immediately and dispatch them for the quickest possible turnaround.

What is a cpd. file?

Cpd stands for Critter Print Document and is the Critterprint Card Builders native file type. During the construction of your project, you can save your current design as a cpd. file and return to it later. It is also a good idea save your final design as cpd. file just before you checkout, this is to ensure you can re-print or edit your cards at a later date.

To save your project while in the Critterprint Card Builder, click on the SAVE PROJECT button and choose which folder on your computer to save your cpd. file.

To load a cpd. file into the Critterprint Card Builder, click on the LOAD PROJECT button. This will import the design. Be careful as any unsaved design work currently on the canvas will be overwritten and lost.

Can I make changes after checkout?

When you have checked out and paid for your cards, your artwork is flattened to a jpg file and automatically sent to us in a on-editable format and printed by our database. Thus we cannot make changes, the cards are printed exactly how the final design appears before checkout.